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The effects of these movements can be profound, especially given that Mars in Cancer does not usually make for open communication. It means that when the new moon hits off, what has been unsaid for so long may all come to the surface.

Luckily for you Venus enters your sign from July 4th to 29th bringing with it the soothing influence you need to keep your relationship and put it back on track. Another eclipse in your love area on July 17th may throw you a bit off balance so don't make big decisions around this time. The year ends with Venus again in your love area from November 27th to December 21st alongside Jupiter entering your love area on December 2nd. This will set up a very promising and even better when it comes to your love life.

This is a great time to shine the spotlight on yourself and see where you wish to stand in a relationship.

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It is a good idea to have this in place and ready for Venus to journey through your love area from March 3rd to 27th. At this time you will be in the mood to compromise when it comes to your emotions. However, it is always best to know where your emotions are at, rather than just giving away your energy to make others happy for the sake of it. A Mercury retrograde mid year from July 8th to August 1st, which begins in your own sign and then retrogrades to Cancer, is a great time to plan for what you want. The way forward may not seem clear but as the month of August progresses, more facts will come to light that you can base your decisions on.

This will also be due to the smooth transit of Venus through your own sign from July 29th to August 22nd. Venus rarely fails to give positive energy when she is in your own sign and as the new moon on July 31st also falls in your sign forming a conjunction to Venus, this is sure to be one lucky week for you with love! As the year comes to an end, Venus also returns to your love sector from December 21st. This gives you another chance to look at what you want in your relationship and if you are single gives a great chance of meeting someone new.

The New Moon in your love area February 2nd is a time for new beginnings. The Full Moon in your love area August 15th helps shine a light on relationships. During March you may find you have a lot on your mind when it comes to your love life. Mercury retrogrades in your love sector from March 6th to 29th. The last 2 weeks of this retrograde will see Mercury conjunct Neptune. This is not a good time to try to get your point of view across, especially in a relationship, as you may find it difficult to back up what you are saying. Neptune has the tendency to cloud any planet that is close to it, it's great for intuition but with a Mercury retrograde conjuncting Neptune, it is best to stick to the facts.

Make sure that you are not caught up in arguments as you may not have thought your line of thinking through clearly. As Venus moves through your own love area from March 27th to April 21st, it would indeed be a wise move on your part to put important conversations off, at least until April when things are in a much better position for you. From August 18th things really start to heat up for you when Mars enters your own sign. This is likely to have you focused on work and what you need to do there, possibly to the exclusion of everything and everyone else in your life.

Because of this you need to be aware of others and what they need from you personally, and not carry on with work as the be all and end all of your existence. Mars is spending several weeks in your sign and doesn't leave till October 4th. If not for the wonderful visit by Venus through your sign from August 22nd to September 15th, you could make an excuse for thinking this will be all work and no play. Yet Venus' position will force you to make room for your relationship. If you are single it is a great time to meet someone new, especially from August 22nd to 31st, as this is the period where Mars and Venus are in close contact with each other, lighting up passion and romance for you.

The New moon in your love area March 6th is a time for new beginnings. The Full moon in your love area September 14th helps shine a light on relationships. Uranus, the planet of sudden changes and upheavals, leaves your relationship area on March 6th. You may feel a bit lost without all the excitement and changes Uranus has brought to your love life over the past 7 to 8 years, then again, you may be relishing the peace and relative quiet that will be in your love life after this date. However, before all this happens you are in for a lot of excitement from January 1st to February 14th as Mars will be lending you a helping hand when it comes to passion and fun.

It will be in close contact with Uranus from February 7th to 14th, which means you may not want any arguments or disagreements to get out of hand. It's definitely not the time to rock the boat when it comes to your love life. Another planetary aspect that is lining up well for you and your love life is Jupiter forming a trine to Mars around those same dates, January 1st to February 14th.

Jupiter is another planet that is hard to contain, or predict which way it will go, as it seems to have limitless boundaries. However, it is the planet of luck and it will be in your communication area right through to December 2nd. If you don't go too overboard with expressing yourself, or speaking before you think something through, you will be able to use this transit to your advantage. It can come in the form of being able to voice your opinions in a more upbeat manner or it may be as simple as being in the right place, at the right time and saying the right thing.

September 14th until the first week of October gives you a free pass when it comes to expressing emotions as both Mercury and Venus are in your sign. Use those few weeks well as they can actually turn the tide in your favor when it comes to your love life. The New moon in your love area April 5th is a time for new beginnings. The Full moon in your love area October 13th helps shine a light on relationships. The long transit of Venus through your sign from September comes to an end on January 8th. With any luck you have learned lessons in love due to this Venus transit and put them to good use.

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What a lovely way to begin a new year! Mars, your co ruler, enters your love area on February 14th to March 31st. There should certainly be no shortage of passion around for you this Valentine's Day. As Mars is the ruler of war, you may wish to make sure you have everything in place for your love life to progress smoothly. Rather, use this energy to bring you and your partner closer. It is a great time to meet someone new and the attraction should be instant. Venus enters your love area May 16th to June 10th.

The beginning of this transit, from May 16th to 22nd could find you with your hands full as Venus comes into close contact with Uranus. The effects of this can be sudden and chaotic changes that occur without warning. You need to be ready for anything and make sure you have a backup plan if things go wrong.

Of course, there is always the chance things will move in a positive direction for you. Meeting new people and sudden attractions are all part of a Uranus transit in your love area. However, with Uranus you can never tell which way a situation will go, so best to err on the side of caution. Venus revisits your own sign from October 9th to November 2nd. On the last week of October, Mercury is also in close contact with Venus in your sign, giving you the added bonus of thinking through what you want in your relationship.

This is not the time to act though, as Mercury retrogrades November 1st, bringing with it delays in communication but ultimately a much better way of thinking through your plans and what you'd like to do next. The New moon in your love area May 4th is a time for new beginnings. The Full moon in your love area November 12th helps shine a light on relationships. It's the first time in twelve years that Jupiter, your ruling planet, returns to your sign and will be there until December 2nd.

Usually you are lucky, this year you are immensely lucky! You also have 2 visits by Venus, planet of love, through your sign which will only intensify your luck in love as Jupiter comes into close contact with Venus. The first of these contacts occurs from January 8th to February 12th.

The second time Venus moves into conjunction with Jupiter occurs from November 2nd to 27th.

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At this time there is also a new moon in your sign on November 26th. This is a great time to be clear in your own mind on what you want with love, and be ready to launch yourself in a new direction if this is needed. You will find your thoughts are direct and clear, and there will be no misconstruing the meaning behind your words and actions.

If you are single it is a great time to meet someone new, who looks to have a similar mindset and outlook on life as yourself. Mars is in your love area from March 31st to May 16th, giving your love life extra energy and focus. It can also help you be proactive when it comes to taking any action you need within a relationship, whether this be for better or worse. There's a very short period where Mercury is in your love area this year from May 22nd to June 5th. You may wish to take advantage of those few weeks and if you have something to communicate to your partner, which you suspect will not go down too well, then do so at that time.

Venus enters your love area on June 10th to July 4th, this will be a restful period for you as other planets around at this time are in an introspective area of your chart. Keep an eye out from June 21st to 27th when Venus forms an opposition to Jupiter. It's a great time to enjoy yourself, but not so great if you have responsibilities during that week, as your focus may not really be on them. The New moon in your love area June 3rd is a time for new beginnings. The Full moon in your love area December 12th helps shine a light on relationships.

Venus in your own sign from February 4th to March 2nd and gets you off to a great start to the year! This period also encompasses Valentine's Day, putting you in the mood for romance. Given that you have Saturn, your ruling planet, in your own sign all year, this may be a year where you put your head down and just get on with what you know you need to do. Saturn in Capricorn is in a great placement to help you accomplish just about anything you set your mind to. From May 17th to July 1st Mars is in your love area, this will give you the drive and passion to pursue your relationship and is great for meeting someone new.

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Sagittarius - Monthly Love Horoscope August | Kasamba

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An episode of Music From the Goddess' Vault Podcast

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